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High performance & Low dose
  • - Advanced in-house technology which is cultivated in long history and experience
  • - X-ray Scintillator produced by the optimum process control for Flat panel Detector
  • - The technology enables high performance & low dose
High performance & Low dose
  • - Fine Csl:Tl Structure on Photodiode/TFT board manufactured by advanced process control
  • - The technology enables high performance & low dose
High sensitivity & Low dose
  • - 1.8 times sensitivity against Non-Reflective layer coating
  • - The technology enables high sensitivity & low dose
Long life & Stable high performance
  • - High reliability is achieved by advanced sealing
  • - The technology enables long life & stable high performance
Pixel pitch (um) 140
Effective area (cm) 35(H) X 43(V) (14 X 17 inch)
Effective pixel matrix (pixels) 2466(H) X 3040(V)
Scintillator Csl:Tl (direct vapor deposition) + reflective coating + moisture proof sealing
A/D conversion 14bits
MTF(21p/mm) 36%
DQE(0) >70%
Mechanical size(mm) 384 X 460 X 15
Optimized UI design for Touch screen
Multi-task Patient
Imaging and Annotation Tools
(Window level, Zoom, Pan, Crop, Invert, Rotation, Angle, Label, Text)
Powerful User Features
(Image stitching, Image import / export, Image comparison, Multi view, Image expansion, Full screen, Auto collimation, Reject/Accept)
Smart Window Level
DICOM3.0 Compatibility
Post Image processing mode for each body part
Changeable Skin color (Green Tea, Strawberry, Mint, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla)